After a decade in the bike trade, a time of limitless new “standards”, a time of vertical compliance, a time of new wheel sizes, a time of progress. You start to get jaded on all this new technology when it invariably fails faster than the old systems, requires new tools to fit/remove, does not actually seem to offer any improvement.

It makes you question why you choose to work in a trade, where the questions you need to ask someone to find out what tube they need makes you seem like an arsehole. A trade where the big bike companies seem to want to make things harder than they need to be, a trade where bizarre behind the scene partner store deals allow distributors to fuck over the shops that helped build them, a trade where we seem to accept marketing rather than proper engineering, a trade where ethics have been abandoned and rather than offer service your LBS just complains about discounts and then lowers their own worth by following suit.

As it is then this blog is my attempt to get back to the roots of riding. Why follow the trends when they might not actually get you a bike that does the job you need. Why follow the marketing “advice”, when by following common sense and a little bit of thought you can work out what products will and will not work. There is nothing quite like a 5 star product only because the manufacturer spends more than their competitors on marketing in said “reputable” publication.