A cycling website that mentions drugs, who would have thought? No, this is not a piece on Chris Froome going to ride the Ruta del S(albutom)ol but a piece on my attempts to get as many from my doctors.So, as I have repeatedly mentioned I am supposed to be racing the Kielder Chiller this coming weekend.  I have however mentioned that I was feeling a bit ill. That being ill got a lot worse over the weekend and after a nice trip to the doctors I gained some steroids and antibiotics.

Explaining to my doctor that I am doing a 24 hour race this weekend was good as he cleared me to race (yah!), provided I fancied getting pneumonia (boo!). Now it looks like I will be sitting at the side coughing up solid lumps of greeny yellow and cheering on the remnants of the Socialtrack-Wishaw Mountain Biking Club team.

Being ill though, just sucks. The weather has been mostly okay whilst I have been not well and that just make it worse knowing that when I can get back off the sofa and go outside that the orange thing in the sky will very likely have disappeared until next year, I live in Scotland. So just now I am watching cool videos and the one I would most recommend watching is this one, featuring one of my heroes and a guy who I used to see skate the local skatepark bowl and always be amazed. This video is also for a really good cause and backs an issue close to my heart.




7 thoughts on “Drugs

  1. The video was long but quite well done and worth it. If there was a place to donate at the end I missed it though can’t right now myself. The statistics are surprising and we have that stigma here too. Anyway good on your friends for their efforts!

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    1. My issue is that as soon as I use a turbo in the house I go into HIIT mode and I have spent years trying to get myself out of that mindset but I cannot so I’ll just let the drugs do their stuff and carry on in the future.

      Reading your allergy stuff is really quite an eye opener. I phone the doctors at 8:30am and was seen at 10:00am and had my drugs at 10:30am. All at no cost and as you can imagine with no insurance as we do not need it here, I hope one day your country can have something similar.

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      1. Thanks, waiting another month for a primary doc. I hope I don’t have something serious. At least have dropped some weight. Insurance corporations have too much power here. I should move to Mexico or Spain.

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      2. Spain is great for cycling.

        Cars will safely pass you on climbs and then move out of your way on descents as you will generally be moving faster. Indeed some places in the Basque country they shut roads to cars on Sundays and only bikes and walkers can use them.


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