Kielder Chiller 24

A week on Saturday I am doing my first 24-hour race so this week is obviously full of great preparation and training.

I had a plan for this week, mostly involving miles and a bit of cross training. Nicely at the start of the week, I stepped off a skateboard awkwardly and have given myself a minor groin strain. I decided the next day to try and go for a small pedal, a no pressure one and just see how I went.

I managed 6 miles. Not because of my groin strain but because my head was in pieces. I could not pedal, I felt sick, I could not breathe and I spent most of the time on the first climb telling myself how useless I am. I felt horrible. I felt like cycling was something I had never done in my life. I started to get stressed. It brought my asthma on, I am lining up for a Chris Froome Salbutomol excuse at some point here.

I was dying. I was useless. I should not even think about a 24-minute race, never mind a 24-hour race. My depression was bringing me down. Rather than soldier on I decided to go home and just forget about the ride. I went home, later I connected the Garmin to Strava just because miles are miles or something. The first climb I set a PR on, the second climb I set a PR on. My heart rate though was low, I decided that I was just getting fitter.

So, today I have a lovely cold. I guess the low heart rate should have told me. So again my final week of training is interrupted.

Is this a bad thing? Well, no.

The Kielder Chiller is an experience and a build up to WEMBO at the end of the year. Now I am going just to ride and have killed any goals I may have had as things have gone pear-shaped, this means I will be putting no stress on myself and will just be going to see what cruising around a 24-hour race is like. Life throws you a curveball and sometimes you just have to go with it and that is what I am doing.

Now on a related note, Mr Biking To Work gave me some blog award thingy to do and I will be doing my bit if writing for it tomorrow, when hopefully the Lemsip fumes have dissipated around me and I can see my laptop screen easily.

8 thoughts on “Kielder Chiller 24

  1. I’ve been laid up all month with various ailments. Although I spent four hours in an clinic and still feel unwell the doc said it’s just allergies. Can barely ride 10 Miles with stops. Next appt isn’t for 5 weeks. Luckily no races for me. Best healing to you and thanks for all the likes.

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