Strava Aids Terrorists

In loads of movies do you remember the bad guys trying to do something dastardly to get the blueprints or layouts of some building they wanted to blow up? Turns out all they needed was to look at Strava.

The Guardian today is reporting that you can find secret American sites by looking at heat maps on Strava.

afghanistan army base strava

It turns out in many places in the Middle East the only people using Strava are military personnel so the above heat map shows exactly where the army bases are, these sites are hidden on Google and Apple maps but not so, on Strava and if you think that isn’t bad enough.

strava us base routes

That’s right if you zoom in on the map you can a lovely little map showing you the mainly used routes and some of the quieter ones. Turns out terrorists have been doing it wrong for years, plotting and planning in dingy little rooms. They just needed to get a Fitbit and to join Strava and US military secrets would be but a mouse click away.

Now that we are thinking about bombing, what about a priest bombing down a hill and showing some Lycra clad louts up?



5 thoughts on “Strava Aids Terrorists

    1. Yeah, it seems like the folks could have set privacy settings and this would not have happened and for some roles in the military they have broken the rules as they should have no wifi or GPS equipment on them.


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