Further Confusion From Off.road.cc

I wrote a blog about off.road.cc where I said I was confused by their reviews, they did respond on Twitter but now I have two very similar bikes to compare their reports on.

Both bikes are steel, both cost the best part of £1600, and both are written about by the same person.

I give you their pieces on the Temple Adventure Disc and the All-City Space Horse.

There is an interesting point on the Temple piece in the intro it states “Hand built in Bristol, capable of taking on the world”. Now, what image does that conjure in your mind is it the images of the whole bike being built in the UK or do you just realise that the bike is assembled in the UK?

The bike is only assembled in the UK, it does at one point mention that the frame is built in Taiwan and is just assembled in the UK. The fact though is that the report makes multiple references to being handbuilt in the UK and with this statement being in the tagline/intro, the only section of a lot of reports/reviews that are read, it is almost duplicitous.

I can forgive them that sin but the All-City is also assembled in the UK but nowhere in its review is that mentioned. Surely if it is good enough for one it should be good enough for the other.

Both bikes come equipped with 105 and both have TRP Spyre brakes. In the All-City review that brakes are said to not be value in this build. In the highly similar Temple bike, we are told

  • TRP Spyre Discs (it had to be cable discs for an adventure bike – no middle-of-nowhere issues with hydraulics, thank you!)

We are also told how off.road.cc value great steel frames in the Temple piece but they seem disparaging about steel in the All-City piece. It may also be worth noting then that the All-City frameset costs £700 but the Temple costs £395 for a frameset, there maybe a slight steel difference there.

This also brings a point in the All-City piece we are told that the bike should have a carbon rather than steel fork but nicely no mention of this in the Temple piece. We can also look at the point that off.road.cc make about the TRP brakes, well I guess that is the idea of a steel fork on a touring bike. Break it somewhere and you can find someone to weld steel, a bit harder with carbon.

It is the small things in reviews that really annoy me.


4 thoughts on “Further Confusion From Off.road.cc

      1. right you are but if it causes you stress… guess it depends on the media seems the big ones are only accountable to shareholders and maybe that’s similar for the one you mention i don’t know about it. so great to be a watchdog, unless it stresses you out too much is my point.

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