Don’t Give Me A Single, I Want A Tingle

Today Bikeradar admitted something that I didn’t think I would properly see for a while and one I don’t know if various marketing departments will be happy with. Something that I suppose is obvious to everyone but many people don’t talk about. Drivetrain efficiency.Now, I being a dedicated follower of the single speed path you are probably wondering why I would talk about drivetrain efficiency but my drivetrain is highly efficient. I have no cross-chaining worries. I just had to make sure that my chain line was straight and away I went.

This is the big issue for 1x chainring setups. Your chain has a huge area to cover and it only gets more nuts if you are running an 11-50t cassette. In order to alleviate it though Bikeradar has brought you a press release (it is really not a report) from a company selling you a way to help from killing your front ring.

Now you can buy a Teflon coated saucepan disguised as a front chainring.

pmp 1x chainring

Yeah, that is right the newest technological move from bike companies has been to steal tech from the thing you use to cook bacon in. I guess that is where the idea came from. Making breakfast one day, take a drink of coffee and bam the world’s greatest new invention has arrived.

Now I like the idea that you can save 40% wear on your chainring. I would also love to know more about how they tested this but what I can tell you is that there is something that already exists that will help give you that saving and be more efficient. The best news is that it is considered obsolete so will cost you next to no money.

Ladies and gentleman I bring you,


bicycle triple chainset

Go to your local bike shop and tell them “I don’t want a single, I need to tingle.”

They might just give you Eurostyle chamois butter though.

The next question to ask yourself, with this borrowing from frying pan technology what happens to your frying pan when you scratch it accicently? Only asking because what would a gritty chain do this chainring. Still worst comes to the worst you can always use it to fry some bacon on your next adventure.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Give Me A Single, I Want A Tingle

    1. I am willing to bet they make a comeback at some point. I still find a lot of need for them in the local communities I work in but although those people cycle everyday they are not part of a media demographic.

      A Fairdale has to be the most Austin bike and I love the fact they are headed by teenage BMX hero.

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